10 ways to save your Iphone’s battery life and get the most out of a single charge

We all are aware of the annoying battery drainage issues of Iphone. Not just the annoyance, but it can actually leave you stranded and stuck in bad circumstances.

A fully charged iPhone should at least last a day if you are using it moderately. However, assuming that you are in to making FaceTime calls, streaming videos, taking pictures with the exceptional iPhone camera and playing games then the battery drains very quickly.

If your iPhone never seems to last long then there are 10 ways which will help you to save your iPhone’s battery life.

1-    Keep track of the apps which use most of the battery

The great way is to see which apps are currently draining the most of your iPhone’s battery. Open Settings and tap Battery. You will find a list of the applications you have used in the last 24 hours as well as in the last 10 days. It will also show you your iPhone’s battery health.

This way you will know exactly which applications are causing your iPhone’s battery to drain much quickly so you can limit the usage of those particular applications.

2-    Turn on Low Power Mode

Your iPhone offers you to turn on Low Power Mode when your battery percentage falls below 20%. However, in order to save as much as battery life as possible we would suggest you to turn on the Low Power Mode even when you have a considerable battery percentage. You can find it in the Battery menu we mentioned above.

When your iPhone is in Low Power Mode, the screen’s brightness is reduced, the screen turns off quicker and the background applications are not refreshed often.

3-    Reduce the brightness

High Screen brightness is one of the major battery killers. If you want the battery to last longer, then reducing the screens brightness should be the easiest way to do it.

Another thing you can do is to put the brightness of your iPhone on Auto-Brightness. This will increase or decrease brightness with the surrounding light. You can find this option in the Settings, find and tap Accessibility and then tap Display & Text Size.

4-    Connect to Wi-Fi or turn on Airplane Mode

Wi-Fi uses less battery than a mobile data connection. To save your battery try to remain connected to a Wi-Fi. If you are connected to the mobile data then turn off the Wi-Fi to stop the phone from searching for Wi-Fi signals in the background.

If you are not using internet at all, it is best to turn on the Airplane Mode, only if you are not expecting an important call or a message. As, turning the Airplane Mode on will totally disconnect your iPhone from any kind of wireless signals.

5-    Avoid High Power Applications

We all know how fun games like PUBG, Freefire and Call of duty can get. But if you are low on battery then you will have to refrain from playing these high power games.

Applications like HD video editors and games which have great graphics demand more processing power from your iPhone and eventually drain and kill the battery life of your phone.

In order to know which applications are high power check out the Battery menu.

6-    Turn off Location Services

Some applications are always keeping a track of your location even when you are not using them. This takes a great amount of your battery life percentage. The simple solution to this is to turn off the location services. To do this, simply open Settings and tap Privacy, then select Location Services. You can track and limit every application which can access your location.

7-    Limit Notifications

Notifications take up a lot of processing power, cause applications to run in the background often and lights up your screen every time you receive them. By limiting the number of notifications you receive you can save much of your iPhone’s battery life.

By tapping on Notifications in the Settings of your iPhone you can select how the notifications will appear on your screen and which applications can send you the notifications. You can turn off the banners and sounds for the notifications as well to save the battery life.

8-    Turn on Dark Mode

This will not for every iPhone but if your iPhone has an OLED screen then this step can save your phones battery life.

Open Settings, tap on Display & Brightness and select Dark option under Appearance.

9-    Disconnect External Devices

Connecting an external device via Bluetooth with your iPhone also drains your iPhone’s battery life quickly.

Disconnect external devices such as Apple Watch and wireless headphones when you want to save your phone’s battery.

Also, when your phone is not connected to any external device, keep your iPhone’s Bluetooth off.

10-           Keep your iPhone at a stable temperature

The iPhone’s battery drains very quickly at extreme temperatures. It is not uncommon for the iPhone to suddenly die even at 50% battery in cold temperatures.

Also, if it is hot outside, you need to be very careful or else the phone will overheat very quickly.

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