A Ring by Movano that can transform human health completely

One ring which tracks everything- from your steps to your heart rate.

This year, at CES many tech wearables were a huge part. However, one product that stood out amongst all others was the Movano ring. This ring is very similar to the Oura ring, however it will provide the users with actionable insights along with their health related data.

Movano ring records a wide range of health parameters such as heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep, activity, respiration, blood oxygen, calories intake and temperature. It doesn’t only provide the data but also helps users and their doctors to make sense of that data so they can make perfect sense of the cause and effect. It tells users how their choices are impacting their health. For instance, if a person has not been sleeping well, he/she will be provided with insights, reasons and suggestions to maintain a healthy sleeping routine.

This medical grade device is not only stylish enough to wear everyday but it is also approved by FDA. FDA has given Movano ring a Class ll medical device certification. According to Movano, they are trying to include next level functionalities in the future which will include non-invasive glucose monitoring and blood pressure tracking. A real time glucose and blood pressure monitoring will be able to tell the users about the changes in their glucose and sodium levels at different occasions (for example right after they have a meal).

Real time monitoring with valuable insights will drive the users to make health conscious decisions and change their lifestyle for better health.

The first edition of the Movano ring is expected in the 4th quarter of 2022. According to Movano, the ring will be available for users in four different colors – black, silver, gold and copper.

Moreover, the price of the Movano Ring is yet to be revealed.

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