A robotic hand so precise, it can hold an Egg without cracking it

South Korean Scientists have developed a robotic hand with a similar range of motion to a human hand. It just weighs 1.1 kg with a measurement of 8 and half inches.

This robotic hand is made up of aluminum and steel. The fingers have 20 joints with metal parts around them which act as tendons. The palm of this robotic hand is a home to 3 small motors which power the fingers.

Moreover, the most exciting feature of this robotic hand is the unique combination which makes it delicate, flexible and very strong. It can hold an egg without breaking it, can work with delicate and precise tools like needles and tweezers and can also crush cans.

Also, the robotic hand is quite durable as well. To test its durability, the team made one of the fingers push down a sensor continuously for more than 30 minutes. The fingers strength and force didn’t weaken by the continuous motion of force.

It can be easily attached to commercial robotic arms for more efficiency. Not just this, but it can also hold weight as much as 18 kilos without breaking.

The scientists’ team is all set to develop artificial skin for the hand so that along with the delicacy and grip of a human hand it can also replicate the softness of a human touch.

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