BMW introduces its E-ink color changing paint technology at CES

If you are not sure about what color vehicle do you want to buy and have no financial restraints then BMW has the right car for you.

This year at Consumer Electronics Show, BMW introduced its new color changing paint technology in its BMW iX which relies on the E-ink. E-ink is the electronic paper technology which is used in e-readers like Kindle.

E-ink is coated on the surface of BMW iX and it contains millions of microcapsules as thick as a human hair. The microcapsules contain negatively charged and positively charged pigments.

The electric field causes a stimulation based on the desired setting which causes the pigments to collect at the surface of microcapsules.

According to the representatives, the colors are right now limited to black, white and grey. The colors will have an effect on the efficiency of the electric vehicles as well, such as lighter tone will reflect more light. This will keep the car cooler than black color which absorbs more warmth from the sun and can be really helpful in winters.

Moreover, BMW believes that the concept of personalization should just not be limited to the interior of the cars; which is why it has brought this concept to the exterior of the car as well.

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