Dell XPS 13 Plus is coming soon!

Dell is coming up with its most popular laptop XPS 13 Plus which is going to be sleek and slim with the most powerful Intel Core processor 12 Generation with intel Iris X GPU which will enable it to perform intense tasks with ease. XPS 13 Plus includes a seamless invisible glass touchpad surface which makes use of haptic vibration motors to stimulate click . Also, the function keys are replaced by touch sensitive function buttons.

Moreover, Dell has incorporated its RapidCharge Express 2.0 technology in the XPS 13 Plus. This technology will enable users to charge up to 80% of the laptop’s battery under an hour. The RapidCharge Express 2.0 technology is helping Dell to be ahead of its rivals.

Other specifications include a 4K resolution OLED display and an improved quad-speaker system with two up-firing speakers beneath the keyboard and two down-firing speakers on the base.

On the downside, XPS 13 Plus is reported to have only 2 USB-C ports and no headphone jack. Also, you will not be able to extend or upgrade the RAM in XPS 13 Plus so you will have to decide about the memory configuration at the point of purchase.

Dell is planning to launch XPS 13 Plus in the spring of 2022. The starting price of the laptop will be around $1200. It will be available in two colors, platinum and graphite.

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