L’Oréal Colorsonic – Reinventing the whole hair dye game

L’Oréal is all set to revolutionize the hair dye beauty category with its at home dye machine – Colorsonic. Colorsonic can be used to mix and dye hair in the most convenient and mess free manner. In 1907, L’Oréal launched the first synthetic hair dye ‘Aureole’ which totally changed the hair dye industry. However, the application is still quite tricky and often requires professional assistance. During the Covid 19 pandemic, the at home hair coloring industry grew by 6%. This is when people faced complications and complained about the complexity and a messy nature of the application.

In response to this insight, L’Oréal has developed Colorsonic which has a custom mixer mechanism. This custom mixing mechanism enables Colorsonic to combine a precise amount of developer and formula to create the desired shade for the user. After the mixing is done, the device then dispenses the right amount of hair dye through oscillating nozzle of bristles which move in a zig zag manner on the hair to evenly distribute the color.

Five easy steps to apply hair dye with the help of Colorsonic include,

  1. Selecting a hair color from the 40 shades of Colorsonic Ammonia Free color cartridges.
  2. Loading the color cartridge in the device. Colorsonic keeps the developer and color when the device is off to preserve the dye and keep it fresh
  3. Rushing Colorsonic from roots to ends for a uniform color application through an oscillating nozzle which moves in a zig zag manner 300 times per minute. For shoulder hair or longer, there is an attachment included with Colorsonic.
  4. After applying color, wait for 30 minutes, wash, style and you are all set to go.
  5. For easy touch up afterwards, remove the cartridge and store the remaining color(if any)

The price of Colorsonic is yet to be revealed but we are expecting it in stores by next year.

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